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What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is a cost-effective, streamlined alternative to adversarial litigation during which I will work with you and your spouse in a stress-free environment to reach an amicable divorce settlement agreement in a timely and efficient manner.



I want you to feel 100% comfortable and confident in the process, so we'll begin with a free, 30-minute consultation. I will explain how the divorce mediation process works, tell you about myself and answer any questions you might have.



At our first mediation session, I will work with you to fill out a State of Wisconsin divorce petition form. I will handle the filing of all paperwork during the divorce mediation process. (Mediation can begin if you already have filed the divorce petition.)



During the state-mandated, 120-day waiting period after the filing of the divorce petition, we will meet to discuss financial aspects such as investments, expenses, income, assets and, if necessary, child support. I will use tools such as a shared placement child support calculator and property division worksheet to make this step easier.



During our final session, we will work cooperatively to reach agreement on all the specifics and complete a marriage settlement agreement draft. Both parties will have time to consider the agreement, which we can fine-tune before you sign the final, binding document.

See if divorce mediation is right for you with a free, 30-minute consultation.


What Are the Advantages

  • You are directly involved throughout the entire process
  • All sessions are held in my office in a comfortable setting that promotes a civil conversation
  • No paperwork; I will handle all necessary forms and file them with the appropriate government entities
  • Cost-effective. My rate is $250 per hour. Mediation sessions tend to run 3-4 hours total, plus 3-4 hours to handle paperwork.
  • All proceedings are 100% confidential
  • You determine the outcome of your divorce, not a judge


Will you be my lawyer?

No. My role is to be neutral third party. You can choose to retain a lawyer at any time during the process.

What happens if my spouse and I can't come to an agreement?

This is when contested litigation may become necessary. However, it seldom reaches this point. About 90% of my cases result in a successful resolution.

How long will this take?

The divorce mediation process generally takes 4½ months, which includes the 120-day, state-mandated waiting period following the divorce petition being filed.

What if my spouse and I have children?

I will help you come to an agreement on issues such as placement-sharing schedules, child support and variable costs.

What are the potential obstacles?

I find that disagreements generally are the result of misinformation. We will work toward uncovering facts and accurate figures, which should lead to an agreement.

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Divorce mediation requires a husband and wife to put aside any potential animosity and participate in the proceedings with mutual respect for each other.

See if divorce mediation is right for you with a free 30 minute consultation.


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